Men's Underwear Types

A Quick Guide To The Different Types Of Men’s Underwear

Underwear isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s an intimate part of a person’s life. That’s why it’s important to have underwear that is comfortable and makes you feel good. You can pick from the main 5 types of men’s underwear, or take benefit from all of them when you need them most. 

Underwear is a part of you that you show the world when you take your clothes off. That’s why it’s important to know what types of underwear to wear and when to wear them. Read on to learn more about different types of underwear and when to wear them.

Brief History of Men’s Underwear

The history of men’s underwear can be traced back to ancient times when the Greeks and Romans wore a light loincloth called a ‘chiton’ which covered the male body from the waist down. This was the first garment to be worn by men and was made from a single piece of cloth. 

In the Middle Ages, the loincloth was replaced by a pair of tight trousers called ‘girdles’ which were worn by men and women alike. These were made of either cloth or leather and were often decorated with embroidery or other ornamentation. 

These were replaced by the ‘breeches’ in the 17th century. Breeches were tight-fitting, pleated trousers that were worn with a long, loose shirt called a ‘coat’. This was the first outfit that is recognizable as a modern-day suit.

Types of Men’s Underwear

Nowadays, the different types of underwear for men include boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps, and thongs. All underwear for men is worn under the clothing, but not all underwear is the same. Let’s go through all types of undies: 

Boxers and briefs are the most common types of underwear for men. 

Boxer briefs are designed to provide comfort for everyone. Boxer briefs are universal enough to complement all body types at any age.

Briefs are the best for fit, thin men with muscular body types. Briefs are looking just great on that body type. 

Trunks are a great alternative to briefs and suit muscular body types.

Jockstraps are worn by men who have a big package, fit guys, commonly used by athletes, and gay men. 

Thongs are the least common type of underwear for men but are the most comfortable type of underwear. That’s a surprise, but men’s thongs are really comfortable, they are sexually attractive as well. 

Wearing underwear

There are many different types of men’s underwear. Men’s underwear can range from underwear that has a little more coverage to underwear that has no coverage at all. They can also be made out of different materials, such as cotton or silk. 

There are many different types of underwear for men, so it can be a little difficult to know what to wear. To help you decide what type of underwear to wear, you should consider what you will be wearing it with. 

For example, if you are wearing skinny jeans, you should probably wear briefs. 

If you are wearing a suit and a shirt, then you should probably wear underwear with a little more coverage like boxer shorts.

If you want to make a good impression in bed you should wear thongs.

If you are uploading lots of pictures on Instagram from the gym, you should definitely wear briefs or trunks with a wide waistband.

If you are an athlete, try jockstraps on your next training. This piece of underwear is really comfortable while working out.

For daily usage, boxer shorts are always the best. This is a must-have for every single man on the planet. On the other side if you don’t like boxer shorts you should go for briefs as an alternative.

When it comes to regular boxers you should wear them when you feel comfortable with them. You can wear them to bed or while making tricks in the skate park.

The most important thing is there is no dress code attached to underwear so the listed above ideas when you should wear different types of underwear is just an indication. But the brilliant thing with men’s underwear is that you can wear whatever type of undies whenever you like. So don’t stop yourself from wearing some types of underwear because you are not fitting in. 

Wear any type of underwear that you feel comfortable with. There is no judgment, so relax and be yourself.

When did boxers become popular?

For the longest time, men wore briefs. But then, boxers became a popular choice. Boxers were originally called “sailors’ drawers” because they were used by sailors. In the 1920s, boxers became a more popular choice for men. They were more comfortable and allowed for more movement than briefs. Boxers have been a popular choice for decades, but briefs have come back into fashion in recent years.

What’s the difference between hipster briefs and boxer briefs?

It can be confusing to figure out which type of briefs are best for you. Underwear is a personal choice, so you need to decide what type of underwear works best for you. In order to make your decision, you should know the difference between hipster briefs and boxer briefs.

Hipster briefs are tighter fitting, and they cling to your thighs and buttocks. They are usually made of stretchy material, and they aren’t as comfortable as boxer briefs. Some people prefer hipster briefs because they feel more natural and don’t have any seams or lines that make your underwear feel uncomfortable.

Boxer briefs conform to your body and are considered to be more comfortable. They are made of cotton and polyester, and they provide a more comfortable fit.

Are briefs better than trunks?

When you go to the store, you’re likely to find that there are three types of underwear that are available: trunks, briefs, and boxers. And while they all do the same thing, they do have some differences that might make you want to choose one over another. Briefs are the most common, but trunks are often recommended because they are said to be more comfortable. However, the latter is not recommended for everyone. Boxers are a little more difficult to wear, but they are more suitable for athletes.

There is a lot of debate around the best type of underwear for men. One side of the argument is that briefs are more comfortable than trunks, but the other side of the argument is that trunks are less riding up and therefore more comfortable. In order to decide what underwear is best for you, you need to think about what you need.

Why do men’s underwear have a fly?

The fly of a man’s underwear could be considered a bit of a mystery. However, there’s a good reason why it was built in. The fly in underwear is a simple flap made of fabric that is located in the front of the underwear. The purpose of fly is to give you a little more flexibility and freedom. The fly is a useful feature, allowing you to pee without sliding down your underwear. For most men, this is really convenient feature in briefs or boxer briefs.

What’s the purpose of the pouch in men’s underwear?

Underwear is a piece of clothing that is worn to protect the body. It is an intimate part of a person’s life. One of the most important parts of men’s underwear is the pouch. The pouch is created to keep the man’s manhood safe and comfortable, as well as to keep the testicles cool. A pouch is made of a material that allows the skin to breathe. Men often choose a pouch style of underwear because it is more comfortable than other types.


Different types of underwear for men are available on the market. It is important to consider the type of underwear you will be wearing. 

There are different types of underwear for men that are designed for different purposes. For example, there are many types of underwear for men that are designed for sleeping. There are also different types of underwear for men that are designed for workouts and sports.