How does men's underwear get holes

How Does Men’s Underwear Get Holes?

Do you ever wonder how your underwear gets holes in them? I am sure many people have this question and don’t even know how to begin looking for answers. There is a lot that goes into how to stop your underwear from getting holes.

The first thing that you should know is that your underwear is not the only thing that is getting holes in it. Your clothes, even your t-shirts, will get holes as well. The thing that is causing holes in your clothes is the same material that is in your underwear, so it is just a matter of the little threads breaking and the fabric getting bigger. The process starts the same way though, with the threads getting caught on something and the fabric getting torn. In this article, I will talk about the different ways that underwear can get holes, and how to prevent it.

What causes holes in men’s underwear?

Holes in underwear is a common problem. There are many factors that can cause holes in men’s underwear. Many of these factors are related to wearing loose-fitting clothing, like boxers or briefs. If you are wearing undies that are sliding down from your bum quite often, you should know that rising them may cause in some cases a holes around the elastic waistband. The same issue can happen if you are wearing too tight underwear. Wearing tight underwear may lead to stretching the fabric and creating a holes. 

But there are more factors that cause holes in underwear: such as hygiene, friction, or lack of proper care.

One of the most common reasons behind creating holes in a fabric is that underwear is often worn for long periods of time. The second most common reason is friction. While walking or running your underwear is exposed to friction trousers. The third common reason why underwear is getting holes in them is lack of proper care. If your underwear is washed in a random washing program with socks or other clothes at once you can be sure that at some point you may find a hole in them.

How to prevent holes in your underwear

There are many ways to prevent your underwear from getting holes. You should wash your underwear in cold water, preferably on the delicate cycle, you should not dry clean your underwear, or use a high heat setting in your tumble dryer. If you want to know more about how to care for your underwear to last longer visit this article: 


You should also make sure that the underwear is not stretched out. You should also make sure that the elasticity is not lost. If your briefs or boxer shorts are uncomfortable or maybe don’t have holes in them but have different signs of wear you should never wear them anymore. Don’t hesitate and check our other article: when you should throw away your underwear.

What to do with underwear with holes?

Holes in your underwear are uncomfortable and unsightly. If you have been wearing your underwear for a long time, you may have seen the holes in your underwear become bigger and bigger until you rather just not wear them anymore. There is nothing to do with holey underwear really. Okay, you can try to mend them, but the seams on the fabric will be uncomfortable and irritate the skin with every movement. 

My advice is to throw holey underwear as soon as you notice a hole. Maybe don’t panic and do not throw away pair of undies just because you have found a tiny hole. Just keep an eye on that pair of underwear and if you notice that hole is getting bigger or the number of holes increases, you should definitely say “Goodbye” to them.


This is a question that many people have asked. The answer is that men’s underwear tends to get holes because of the friction of the fabric rubbing together. If a man is wearing underwear that has a lot of friction, then the fabric will wear out faster and will create more holes. The friction that causes wear and tear is created by friction between the fabric and the man’s body. The friction is caused by the man’s body moving as he walks, runs, or does other activities. The friction can also be caused by the man’s body rubbing against his underwear.

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