How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Own

How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should A Man Own?

Having a set number of pairs of underwear is a good first step to maintaining a specific level of cleanliness. However, the number of underwear that men should own is more complicated than simply adding up the number of days in the year. There are a few different factors that determine how many pairs of underwear a man should own. Different men have different needs, so it’s important to think about what’s important to you.

How many pairs of underwear should a man own?

If you are a man, you need to know how many pairs of underwear you should own. The answer is that the number of underwear you should own depends on your lifestyle. If you are physically active, you are working out, you are busy all the time, or traveling a lot, you should have more underwear than 10 pairs.

Why? Because if you are changing your undies every day or sometimes even twice a day plus you are unable to wash your underwear regularly means you have to be prepared for any situation.

The best number of underwear from my own perspective is around 20 pairs in a drawer. Just in case. But if you are seating on the couch watching TV all day it’s possible that backup for seven days would be alright for you.

Personally, I have in my drawer around 35 pairs. This is because I’m traveling a lot, I’m every day going to the gym, I’m running regularly, and I’m doing laundry not so often. The amount that I have is only because I wanted to be.

On the one side, I want to have designer pairs of underwear, I have to have dedicated undies for sport, and casual pairs as well. So, even though the number of my undies is quite big already, sometimes I think I need some more pairs. This is only because of my lifestyle and my personal circumstances. It’s possible that you do not necessarily need that amount of underwear as me.

What factors affect the number of underwear a man should own

There are many factors that affect the amount of underwear in your drawer. As I said above, depending on your lifestyle and activity throughout the day, and your personal preferences, the right amount of underoos may be different. But factors like where you live or your body type may affect the number of pairs that you should have. 

The best thing is to have a good mix of colors and types of undergarments. In your drawer should be a few essentials like white and black briefs and boxer shorts. You should have a few pairs in different colors to make a variety of choices. If you are working out you should have some dedicated thermal underwear just for that purpose as well. 

The average Man should have at least 15 pairs of briefs or boxers in a drawer no matter what. Even if you are predictable in your daily routine or you are not doing sport excessively. Anyway, for your own comfort and peace of mind, stock up your underwear with backup if needed.


The answer to this question is somewhat subjective. Some people like to have a lot of underwear and others like to have just a few. No matter what, you should not feel embarrassed when you don’t have enough fresh pairs of briefs in your wardrobe. If you are running out of underwear quite fast that means two things: you should wash them more often or have more pairs.

Depending on your personal decisions and circumstances the amount of underwear you should have may be different. But as I said in this article,  it doesn’t matter how many pairs you have now. Because the number is quite subjective you shouldn’t stick to this number, always you can buy more if you need any. 

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