Longer life of underwear with proper washing

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Men’s Underwear (Guide)

Every one of us has the best interest to own an item as long as we can. None of us want to spend money on products that don’t last for long. The same thing is happening when it comes to underwear. 

Simply, we love to keep clothes in perfect shape forever. I believe you would like to get as much as you can from your underwear as well. In this article, I will explain how to wear, wash, dry, and store your undies to archive a longer life of this part of your outfit.

What should I do to extend the life of men’s underwear?

The most important part of the cycle of underwear life is maintenance and wear and tear. To extend the life of your underwear you should change them every day and wash them regularly. You should never dry them at high temperatures or iron them. Sticking to these principles will reflect in maintaining its good condition.

If you are keen to keep your underwear as long as you can, you should care about them seriously and make an effort to achieve that. Here are a few tips to take the best care of your underwear.

How should I wear underwear to extend its lifespan?

First of all, you should pay attention to the condition of your underwear on the daily basis. Maybe that will be obvious to you, but most men are not paying attention to this important thing. So I’ll say it.

To extend the life of underwear you should wear them just for one day. What I mean by that, is you should change them at the end of the day. Why? Because the fabric used in underwear is not designed to be worn for a long period. The fabric has to be soft and flexible, and any long exposure to moisture and bacteria is reducing material resistance. 

If you are taking bath or shower during the day, don’t wear the same pair of briefs or boxers which you have worn before. That’s the biggest mistake made by guys these days. You should wear after a bath a fresh pair of underwear. That will help you keep hygiene and decrease the wear of your underwear.

In general, you shouldn’t wear your undies when they are dirty, wet or it doesn’t smell nice. 

Exposing underwear continuously to a harmful environment is directly affecting its durability. Underwear is not the same strength as socks or t-shirts, because it’s made differently that’s why you have to take care of them differently. By regular washing, you are extending their life. 

How should I wash underwear to extend its lifespan?

When it comes to washing, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations from the tags on your undies. Yes, that’s correct. Every time you are washing your underwear at different temperatures or on the incorrect program in your washing machine, you are constantly decreasing your life. 

You should wash your boxers, briefs, or even jockstraps at low temperatures. Yes, I know, that low temperature is not suitable to kill germs and bacteria, but when it comes to extending their life, you should consider washing them in cold water.

Another thing is gentle washing or hand washing. If you can, you should use these two options. If your washing machine is not offering washing programs like this, you should use laundry wash bags to protect them from losing shape.

What’s more, you should consider washing your undies together according to colors. You should start to wash your underwear by distinguishing between black and white. Later on, if you have colors like pink, yellow, etc, you should start to group them and wash them separately. By taking this action you will avoid dyeing one pair from another. 

Can I wash my underwear with socks together?

Yes, you can, but under certain conditions. You can wash your underwear with socks together, but you should know that socks and undies are made differently. Briefs and boxers are soft and thin, while socks are thicker and built to withstand friction. Underwear fabric will be always damaged by socks’ friction. 

Solution. You should wash them in separate laundry wash bags to avoid friction. You should wash them according to their colors. That will help you not only wash them properly but protect them against dying as well. 

Can I wash underwear with fabric softener?

When it comes to underwear you should never use any fabric softener or bleach while you wash your underwear. Fabric softener is a nightmare for microfiber fabrics, these fabrics are already soft. Even for cotton, fabric softener is not recommended. 

Bleach is not recommended as well, because over time weakens the fabric. Sey double no especially if you want your underwear to last long.

Can I wash my underwear with hand soap?

Yes, you can if you are hand-washing your underwear in a sink. Washing underwear with hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, or dish soap is allowed, but if you are washing them this way you should always wash them gently, and do it occasionally. 

Hand soap or shower gel is nod dedicated to washing properly your undies. You can imagine that in your underwear after a day can be collected sweat, dead skin cells, or some stains. Hand sope for a short time is doing a job, but want to remove everything. So afterward, when you can, you should wash them properly in the washing machine.

Should I wash my underwear inside out?

Yes, that’s the option that you can follow. If you will wash your underwear on the right side out, washing will be more effective, and possibly heavy stains, sweat, and dead skin cells will be removed for good. A further advantage of such washing is that the outer side of the briefs is protected against friction, which leads directly to extending the life of each pair of underwear.

Should I dry my underwear in a tumble dryer?

Yes, you can. It’s possible to dry men’s underwear in the dryer. When it comes to drying underwear in a tumble dryer you should know that high temperature is directly affecting underwear. That’s why less heat is better. Overdrying is harmful, especially for underwear in bright colors, as high heat and friction may cause the textile to fade earlier than usual.

Should I wring out underwear after washing?

You shouldn’t twist or wring your clothes and especially your underwear. Because this method of drying scratches out the fabric and is leading to the de-shaping of your underwear. A better option is to let them line dry or dry them in low heat. 

You should know that rubbing your underwear can cause pilling due to friction. Pilling is the little ball that you can see on the fabric when it starts getting worn out.

Should I iron men’s underwear?

Your underwear is made with the softest fabrics to ensure your comfort. Exposing them to high temperatures such as iron or tumble dryer can lead to the burning of thread in the fabric. Ironing is also decreasing the strength of the fabric. As a result, your undies won’t be comfortable anymore and you can feel irritation or a prickly feeling.

Should I dry clean my underwear?

It’s possible but you should not do it. Dry cleaning is unnecessarily burdensome for the fabric and should be avoided. Instead of dry cleaning you should hand-wash them or use a gentle wash program in your washing machine. This is the best way to care for your briefs and boxers on the daily basis.