When underwear have to go

When Should I Throw Away Men’s Underwear? (13 Examples)

Once in a while, everyone has to change something in their wardrobe. All of us like to buy ourselves something new but we are forgetting about removing old items. Most of us would like to keep everything as long as possible and often we contradict ourselves as to the condition and usefulness of the item.

When it comes to underwear, it is no different. Most of the Men are expecting that their favorite briefs will last forever or they are expecting that their new pair of boxers has a longer life than the previous one. 

Many factors impact the life span of any kind of Men’s Underwear and you may think that there is nothing wrong with that they are no anymore in the same state as when they were new. You might ignore many signs on your undies that can affect not only your comfort but also your health.

The most commonly ignored signs on Men’s briefs or boxers indicating that you should not use them and throw them away immediately:

Of course, there are more situations when underwear should go away, but I will focus on these 13 points. So let’s take a look at each of them to find out why they should be thrown away your underwear when they do this.

Should I throw away my undies with stretched-out waistbands?

When the elastic waistband on your undies is stretched out don’t even think about keeping them in your drawer. This pair of underwear won’t stay in place on your bum and will make your day not only uncomfortable but truly difficult.

If you are not convinced by the user-friendliness argument you should think about what underwear with this problem looks like. They are ugly and you should not wear them because on many occasions the waistband is visible and some of your friends or family can see this and say something. 

So if you care about your comfort and opinion about yourself – definitely throw those undies away.

Should I wear shrunken boxer shorts?

The first time you notice that you are not fitting your boxers, you may think that you have gained weight. It is possible, of course, if you do not have an active lifestyle. Otherwise, your underwear may have shrunk after washing. This is a very common sign of material degradation in underwear that you should not ignore.

If your underwear has shrunk, don’t try to expand it. This can cause cracks or holes. It is also not recommended to wear underwear that presses your body and leaves bruises. 

Wearing too-small underwear also affects a Man’s fertility and exposes him to health problems. Wearing such underwear is not comfortable.

So if your boxer shorts or briefs have shrunk and they are not offering you the level of comfort they were before, you should throw them away right now!

Should I wear tight or loose underwear?

If you encounter a situation where you no longer feel comfortable wearing underwear, you should consider throwing it away. If these boxer shorts don’t fit your body for any reason you should say goodbye to them.

Wearing underwear that is too tight or does not fit properly to your body may affect your comfort and may affect your health.

Should I keep briefs that fall or roll down from my bum?

It’s not a secret that good underwear stays in place all day no matter what happens. You should be able to sit, jump, bend or run without your undies sliding down or having to slack. 

If your briefs are not assisting in this matter that means you should throw them in the bin immediately.

What should I do with boxer briefs that have unwashable stains?

This is a kind of unpleasant sign on your underwear that is constantly neglected by most Men. The most common stain locations are exactly where your underwear has close contact with the place where the anus and penis are. It’s easy to conclude that the most common stains on underwear are poo and urine.

You should never ignore such stains on your underwear, and you should change and wash them frequently. That can save you from the dangerous consequences of this condition of underwear.

If you have tried to remove a stain from underwear by using stain-remover, detergents, or bleach, and nothing came of it. You don’t have any choice but to get rid of them.

Should I wear underwear that doesn’t smell nice?

There is no need to explain this reason why to you. Any kind of unpleasant smell from your undies should trigger an alarm in your mind. If you have tried to remove it with freshener or detergent with no result. That means there is no chance that you can save your briefs.

You should throw them away as soon as possible.

What should I do with my broken jockstraps?

If you have briefs or jockstraps that are not in perfect shape, they’re ripped up, broken, or shredded, you should throw’em out of your closet. I don’t even think that you wouldn’t want to wear them anyway. 

No matter how much you like this particular pair of undies, you need to put them into retirement as soon as they’re torn apart.

What should I do with holey boxer shorts?

That seems obvious, if you have in your dresser drawers any pair of boxers with at least one hole in them you should get rid of them. 

No matter how sentimental you may feel about this particular underwear, you should throw it away because anytime they can fall apart at any time.

What should I do with briefs that are not white anymore?

If your briefs are no longer white, it means they’re old and worn out, and they are probably peased at their best time. Any darker shade of white or gray on underwear should not be ignored.

If your briefs are no longer white and you can say it easily, then you should get rid of them ASAP. The fabric is already in such a condition to ensure your full comfort, and it can fall apart at any time.

What to do if underwear doesn’t stay dry?

Every type of underwear should always stay dry no matter what. If you find out that your boxers or briefs are dumped all day, that’s a serious problem and you shouldn’t live with it. 

Any kind of moisture on your groin creates the perfect place for fungi, which can lead to serious problems. My advice is to not ignore this kind of problem with your undies. The best action is: Throw them away immediately.

Can I keep underwear if the graphics on the butt are washed out?

There are many models of underwear with some words written on their fabric. After some time those words or single letters are washed out and may look ugly. If you are the kind of person who appreciates well-kept clothes, you should not give it up on your underwear.

If your underwear is not in the best condition, you should throw them away, even if the material is not damaged. It’s better to replace them.

Should I keep ugly underwear in my wardrobe?

There are so many underwear types and shapes of underwear that can affect your attractiveness. Certainly, you also have at least one pair of underwear in your wardrobe that will make you feel and be sexy. You may still find this pair of underwear attractive, but your partner may not think so.

If the underwear material is damaged, worn, distorted, dirty, or torn anywhere, you should immediately replace them. Nobody on earth would find them attractive so say goodbye to them.

What should I do with underwear that I don’t wear?

If you have in your drawer any underwear that you haven’t wear them for a while, you should consider throwing them away. There can be many reasons why you are not wearing underwear, maybe are they affected by some of the problems that we talked about above nevertheless there is the reason behind that.

Really there is no point in keeping any kind of underwear in your garderobe if you are not wearing them. Decide if you want to wear them, if not bin them now and do not postpone that.


Any sign of damage or change in the structure of the fabric and elastic material on the waistband should not be ignored. On the one side, those kinds of problems may be only aesthetic but can as well affect your comfort or lead to health problems. Our advice is to react to any sign of change as soon as possible to avoid unpleasant consequences.