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Why Men’s Underwear Is Expensive? (Explained)

Everyone at some point can start wondering why Men’s Underwear is expensive and cost more than expected. This feeling is very common because most of us don’t have any idea why on earth the price of pair of undies is so high.

When you start comparing briefs across the internet you can get confused. After all, you may don’t know if you should save and go for a cheaper option or pay extra and buy a well-known brand.

The price that we have to pay for underwear can be high, and we don’t have to hide this feeling. Obviously, none of us wants to overpay for anything, and men’s underwear is the best example.

On the market, we have many different brands and different price ranges which are represented by two market models. The first option is buying a very cheap pair of boxers from a no-name brand in a chain store. The second option is that you can go for the well-known logo on the waistband and spend more. 

Do you know why men’s underwear can be so expensive?

Men’s Underwear may be expensive due to many factors. The most price-affecting elements of undies price are brand value, fabric, design, development process, production, transport, packaging, retail costs, taxes, and customer support. 

If you want to dive into all of these factors. You might be surprised that all of these elements are so important when it comes to the final price of your amazing briefs.

1. Brand Value

Brand value might be the most important part when it comes to the price of underwear. But it’s not entirely true. The first thing is every single brand on earth has to work hard to be valuable and recognizable. They invested so much work and money to be at this point to ask for the price that they want. 

Every self-respecting brand cares a lot about its image and status what they have built over the years on the market. So if they offer good quality products it’s natural that they don’t want to be associated with low-end products. But why the brand is pushing prices up? Simply they want to be Premium if they offer premium products. 

2. Fabric

Fabric is the most important part of every underwear. If a brand what to offer a product that is Premium has to feel Premium. There is no place for random low-quality material. The fabric is the company’s showcase and has a large impact on whether the user of the product will be satisfied.

Of course, it is important whether it is pleasant to the touch, does not irritate the skin, and, most importantly, is comfortable. Depending on the type and purpose, there may be many features and requirements, so the manufacturer behind a product must add the value of the material to the price of the product. It seems obvious to me.

3. Design

Every single Premium or Luxury Underwear is offering awesome design. Is that because many premium brands are investing in the designing and development process while many no-names don’t. 

Many of us know why Calvins are so popular. Because of its iconic design. That’s why Design is the most important part of every pair of briefs sold around the world.

4. Development process

At this point, we are reaching another crucial part of the most price-affecting element. We can easily say that the development process is a big topic and I don’t have to explain it to you. The only thing that you have to know is that the development process is focused on many parts but let me introduce to you three of them: technology, fit, and functionality.

Every pair of undies is built on some technology. That’s why many brands with a lot of capital spend huge sums on research and technology development. There is a reason why many of the pairs of underwear available on the market have different functions.

Therefore, among the entire list of available forms of men’s underwear, we can find several different technologies that the manufacturer may or may not have used.

For example, underwear for sportsmen differs from the standard one in that it helps in wicking sweat and provides the highest level of ventilation. It certainly cost the manufacturer some amount of money to develop, therefore, when launching such a product on the market, he meticulously adjusted the price.

When it comes to fit, price always makes the difference. Each of the products available on the market has its characteristics and differs in terms of body fit – or the lack of it at all.

For example, briefs must be close to the body and must fulfill their function and affect the user’s comfort, while boxers are not necessarily. The comfort of wearing fitted underwear is important and does not necessarily have to be luxurious to make a difference.

Depending on the function, the underwear available on the market may differ in functionality to meet the expectations of various groups of consumers. We know that there are many different types of underwear, and did you know that there are also versions of specially modified underwear on the market for special recipients or various purposes.

For example, there is a line of underwear specially designed for blue-collar workers working in low temperatures. It is obvious that the function of the product also affects the price, as creating a product that meets the specific requirements of the target group.

5. Production and transport

Even though each of the companies available on the market has refined the production model to perfection and it does not cost them too much, it is worth noting that it is also part of the price of the final product on the shelf.

It is said that the cost of production and transportation accounts for 50% of the value of the goods. Whether it is so, I do not know, but I believe it is true, because no one in the factory of such underwear does it for free, and transport costs money. It is also understandable that the customer will pay for it.

6. Packaging

Packaging is another part of the price of the product. Not only because packaging costs some money, but the effect of what it causes. 

Imagine that the low-quality product is shipped without an individual package but is shipped in a main big box of let’s say 1000 pcs.

When it comes to pairs of underwear with individual packages situation is different. Manufacturers can fit in the same box a quarter of that amount or even less because of the volume of individual products. Packaging undies this way in the bigger prospect of view brands are spending more money on transport than low-quality giants.

That is the difference when it comes to transporting goods. But what about the product itself.

Well-known brands are mainly shipping underwear in boxed versions with some good-looking designs to attract customers to the shelf. Designing such a box costs money which of course is added to the final price.

7. Retail costs and taxes

Every Seller has to earn some money on the product that he is selling. Doesn’t matter if it’s a reseller or branded store. To the price of the product, it has to add its margin and, if it has to, also the costs of taxes or duties.

None of the sellers will give up the profit on sales, but because prices on the market may vary, I recommend that you use price comparison websites or wait for the seasonal sale. There is a high chance that you will be able to catch a lower price for your coveted underwear this way.

8. Customer Support

Each self-respecting brand of underwear provides its customer’s support. Support not only in a stationery store but also after the purchase. The issue of advice or complaints about the product is definitely at a better level than in companies that do not necessarily have a representative office in the country.

Brands that offer customer support predict how much each customer service can cost, and therefore add this cost to each product sold.


Now you know that the price you will pay for underwear can depend on many factors, and you know that you are paying not only for the brand but also for all other parts of the production and sales chain.

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