how to organize men's underwear without drawer

How To Store Men’s Underwear Without A Drawer?

Every man at some point may struggle with the organization of his underwear especially when his wardrobe has limited space or lacks drawers. Maybe some guys don’t care how untidy their wardrobe is, or how their undies are stored.

I have asked my friends how they are storing their undergarments and most of them have said in the drawers, but only a few have said that they don’t organize them at all!

I totally understand that most men are keeping fresh pairs of underwear in drawers, even myself. But I was shocked that there are some men out there that are not organizing their own underwear in any way.

They inspired me to craft this article especially for those who can struggle with organizing their underwear or for those who don’t have drawers but wants to declutter their wardrobe and find the best possible option to keep undies organized.

If you are looking for a solution to that problem, I can say “You are in the right place”. In this article, I’ll introduce to you four options on how to store men’s underwear without a drawer.

Organizers listed in this article:


Container for men's underwear

Sometimes the easiest option is the best solution. Everyone has at home some kind of container for organizing items. Did you know that you can use simple containers to store your briefs or boxers?

Yes, of course, you can use them to organize your underwear. Simply have a look if you have spare containers at home or if you need some to buy them.

How to use containers to store men’s underwear? Simply fold your undies in half and stack them one by one in the container. The solution is simple and doesn’t need too much explanation. That’s why I suggest using the simplest not rounded containers and filling them with your undies.

You can stack them one on another to save space. You can use containers with lids as well. There are no limits when it comes to that. You should find it useful if it is not I suggest trying another solution that I have for you.

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Container with dividers

Let’s start with a primary option that can be used inside your wardrobe or outside. The only thing that you need is one or two shelves or flat surfaces. 

An organizer with dividers is the best option for those who have at least a dozen of pairs of underwear. You can place your underwear in a dedicated place and use another container for socks or ties as well. This type of container is highly efficient and easy to keep organized. It’s easy to store in a closet or other accessible places such as under the bed or on top of the closet. 

You can use this kind of organizer at home or while traveling. The container is easy to fold or stack on top of each other.

In my opinion, this is the easiest and smartest way to organize men’s underwear.

Best placement ideas:

  • On top of your closet
  • Under your bed

This organizer can be kept in the drawers but doesn’t have to.

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Door hanging organizer

door hanging organizer for underwear

Hanging organizers are some options as well to consider. If you don’t have too much space in your room or closet, probably a door-hanging organizer is good for you.

But the question is the door-hanging organizer any good?

In my opinion, the door-hanging organizer is good but not perfect. There are some cons but let’s talk about the pros. First of all this type of organizer can be used for any purpose and can be used not only to organize men’s underwear. You can use it for socks, accessories, ties, or other items.

A door hanging organizer can be placed anywhere where you like, so you can install it on your bedroom doors, or can closet doors inside or out. Any time you can change the place depending on your needs.

Every container in this organizer is very spacious so you can fit a decent amount of underwear and the space that’s left can be used for other items such as socks for instance.

When it comes to downsides I have to say that functionality is limited when it comes to placement or arrangement. Okay, it’s perfect for those who don’t have dedicated space for underwear and this solution can be fitted on the doors otherwise you won’t find any other placement for that organizer. 

If you are accepting that downside I think this organizer will make work for you. If not, have a look at another solution. 

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Cabinet hanging organizer

cabinet hanging organizer for underwear

Similarly, to the previous organizer, this storing option is hanging as well but is different. Actually, you can hang it in your closet same as hangers with your clothes, and keep it next to all your clothes but that is coming with a cost. Let me explain this option.

A cabinet hanging organizer is great for those who have only railings in their wardrobe. This organizer can help you store your underwear or socks in one place and hassle-free. 

What I personally find useful in this option is that all items can be placed in separate pockets instead of using containers. 

Generally organizing your underwear is simple and easy, there are no problems at all, except for one thing that I have to mention.

If your wardrobe is fully packed with your clothes and somewhere inside you have this organizer, you have to know that can be difficult to fill up or take out your undies because of lack of space around.

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Conclusion and our choice

Honestly, I can say all four options are great to store men’s underwear while you don’t have any drawers and all of them are useful for organizing this matter. Every one of us will find in those options some advantage and each will choose their own solution.

When it comes to choosing the best solution for storing men’s underwear my heart will be with containers with dividers. Because is so versatile and spacious. I am finding this type of organizer as the best option because has a compact size and takes up really small space. Can be placed in different locations around the bedroom and can be folded if needed.

Our choice is definitely Container with dividers!

Let us know what kind of option works for you or maybe you’ve got a different solution. Leave us your comment below.