Why Victoria's Secret should made men's underwear

Victoria’s Secret For Men Is Real Or Should We Forget About It?

Victoria’s Secret is a well-known brand producing lingerie and clothing for ladies. We have heard an announcement that the Angels team is not composed only of ladies’ models anymore and now Victoria’s Secret is joining the first male model Darren Barnet to promote a new line of products.

For this reason, we ask ourselves if there is a chance that Victoria’s Secret is working on an underwear line for men or if we should forget about that.

First thing first. Victoria’s Secret brand is the most iconic brand on the market. They are designing and producing unbeatable products in their class. They are offering luxury products for ladies for a sufficiently high price. 

For now, Victoria’s Secret portfolio is focusing on ladies and girls, but even though these products are made with men in mind, they are not offering any underwear or loungewear for guys. That should be changed soon.

We know from the announcement, that Victoria’s Secret is working on a gender-free line which will be common soon. Even though the brand is not saying that we think that there will be something for men coming up. Maybe not in the next months but in a few years’ time for sure.

Why we are thinking this way? It’s pretty obvious. The men’s underwear market is mainly dominated by a few big brands; Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, American Eagle, Hugo Boss, and so on. But only one of them is winning. Of course, it’s Calvin Klein. 

The problem with CK is that they are not inventing anything anymore. They are producing the same underwear for many years with only new colors or minor changes. That’s why on the market we can spot some new small brands offering something new and most of their ideas are brilliant. 

That’s why there is room for Victoria’s Secret products for men. Definitely, Victoria’s Secret designers easily can come up with ideas and propositions that most men would like to wear. There is true success waiting around the corner and the only thing that Victoria’s Secret has to do is grab it. 

The problem is that Victoria’s Secret plans are far from joining the men’s underwear market. For now, the company wants to focus on gender-neutral products which probably will be targeting men themselves but will be not designed with them in mind. Possibly the next step will be men’s clothing and then undies. We can predict 100% what is the direction of the brand for the next couple of years.

Why is Victoria’s secret so expensive?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the price of Victoria’s Secret products. The brand is known for its high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and this can contribute to the cost of its products.

Victoria’s Secret also frequently uses expensive branding and marketing efforts, which can increase the price of its products. In addition, the company operates brick-and-mortar stores, which can also contribute to the overall cost of its products.

Finally, demand for the brand’s products may also impact their price. It is important to note that prices for Victoria’s Secret products can vary, and it is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal.

Because of the quality, Victoria’s Secret is charging a petty penny for their lingerie. If you would like to know why underwear is so expensive read this article. I have covered every single reason why underwear is damn expensive.

Why is Victoria’s Secret so popular?

Victoria’s Secret is famous for a variety of reasons. First of all Victoria’s Secret promotes beauty and female sexuality. The brand has introduced on the market exactly what ladies wanted; the most comfortable and sexy underwear. On top of that Victoria’s Secret is offering a luxurious in-store experience that is unbeatable by any other brand offering lingerie.

Another thing is Victoria’s Secret models called “Angels” and Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are unmissable elements of this brand. Victoria’s Secret is promoting its products with gorgeous Angels and sponsored events, which is creating its category in this class.

Does Victoria’s Secret make high-quality clothing?

Oh yes, Victoria’s Secret is making high-quality cloth. Their products are made from the finest fabrics available on the market. The underwear is silky, smooth, soft, and durable too because they last longer.

In Victoria’s Secret lingerie every lady will feel better, feel sexier, and look better.

Can Men shop in Victoria’s Secret?

Of course, every man can shop in Victoria’s Secret store or any other women’s clothing shop. Men are more than welcome at Victoria’s Secret stores because this brand was founded with men in mind. 

So if you are shopping for your girlfriend or wife you can always approach a salesperson and seek advice. If you are shopping with your spouse you are allowed to go to changing rooms too.

If you are thinking that is something wrong with being a guy and looking for something in a lingerie store, you should start thinking differently. Men all the time are looking for gifts, and underwear from Victoria’s Secret store is no different. So relax and go shopping.

Is Victoria’s Secret offering products for Men?

Victoria’s Secret is primarily known for its women’s lingerie and beauty products. The company does offer a limited selection of men’s underwear, loungewear, and fragrances, but its primary focus is on women’s apparel and accessories. If you are looking for men’s clothing and accessories, you may want to consider other retailers that specialize in men’s fashion.

Why are there no male models in Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria’s Secret is a company that specializes in women’s lingerie, apparel, and beauty products, and as such, the brand has historically focused on featuring female models in its advertising and marketing campaigns. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is a major event for the brand, has traditionally featured only female models.

However, Victoria’s Secret has begun to shift its focus and expand its product offerings in recent years, and it is possible that the brand may begin to feature male models in its marketing efforts in the future.

Why doesn’t Victoria’s Secret sell Men’s Underwear?

Victoria’s Secret does offer a selection of men’s underwear, but it is not the main focus of the company’s product offerings. Victoria’s Secret is primarily known for its women’s lingerie, apparel, and beauty products, and has traditionally focused on female models and customers.

While the company does offer a limited selection of men’s underwear, it is not the primary focus of the brand, and there are other retailers that specialize in men’s clothing and accessories.

It is possible that Victoria’s Secret may expand its product offerings to include more options for men in the future, but at this time, the main focus of the brand is on women’s products.

Is there any Victoria’s Secret for men coming up?

There is no proof for that but at the minute Victoria’s Secret is not working on products for men. We know that the brand is working on a gender-neutral line which will include loungewear, gender-neutral t-shirts, shorts, and sweats marked as Victoria’s Secret Pink line.

My take is that Victoria’s Secret will release products for men sooner or later. Naturally, the brand will expand, and at least the men’s underwear market is so, big, that Victoria’s Secret would not miss that opportunity.

Why would Victoria’s Secret line for Men be a success?

Yes! Men’s Victora’s Secret underwear would be a perfect idea. For now, there is no sign of the upcoming release of Victoria’s Secret men’s underwear. Without a doubt, I can say if Men’s undies from Victoria’s Secret would come out, it would be an immediate success. 

Is there any Men’s equivalent to Victoria’s Secret?

To be honest, there is no direct equivalent for Men’s Victoria’s Secret. Okay, you can shop in Calvin Klein, American Eagle, or Emporio Armani. Still, there is no alternative place to shop for men’s underwear with the same spirit as Victoria’s Secret itself. 

Maybe we have to wait for something from Victoria’s Secret side or try to find a good alternative which wants to be easy.

My Take is that Victoria’s Secret will join the men’s underwear market at some point. But at the minute we have to look for something from existing on the market brands.


In my opinion, Victoria’s Secret portfolio will be expanded not only by gender-free lines but someday products for men will join too. Probably designers from Victoria’s Secret are working currently on its first line which possibly will be introduced in the next few years.

Naturally, Victoria’s Secret will join this market because can influence trends and change thinking about undergarments for men. I am looking forward to that release.