Lifespan of the men's underwear

What’s The Real Lifespan Of Men’s Underwear?

Men’s Underwear can’t last forever, you may have them for ages, or they can just break into pieces shortly after you bought them. Generally, you may not know how long your underwear can last and when you should replace them. There is no direct answer to this question because it dispenses from various factors. That’s why in this article, I will help you and explain to you everything that you should know.

What is the average lifespan of men’s underwear?

The average lifespan of men’s underwear is between 6 and 12 months. Depending on how often you wear your underwear, which brand you’ve got, or how you care for them can impact the final result. Yes, that’s correct, for example, you can have a cheap pair of underwear from a local chain store that can last for a month, but if you will care for them properly possibly its lifespan can be extended to a year. The same result may be achieved with the branded luxury pair of boxers or briefs, but the difference may be even better. 

What’s the difference between cheap men’s underwear and branded one?

The answer is simple, cheap underwear is made from cheap materials and they are not designed so well. They are not supporting your penis, they are not soft, and maybe not so comfortable. On another hand underwear from well-known brands may be expensive but they are giving the user a full spectrum of benefits. If you want to know why men’s underwear may be expensive, click here.  

When it comes to comfort, every pair of underwear features some level of comfort, the cheap one may be deprived of it from the very beginning, but even the branded one can lose comfort over time that’s why I have written an article about it; Why Underwear may be uncomfortable.

Okay, if you have read these two articles that I’ve prepared for you. I believe you have now some background about the differences between cheap and expensive underwear and you know why comfortable underwear is really important for all of us. When it comes to comfort and lifespan you have to know one more thing. How to spot signs that your underwear has worn out!

The most common signs that your undies have worn out are; that they have holes in them, they are broken, they are shrunken, they don’t fit properly, they are not white anymore, or they don’t smell nice. If you see that your undergarment is doing that, don’t hesitate and replace them.

The average lifespan of underwear is shown as a pessimistic variant because in everyday life your briefs or boxers can last longer. For example, my oldest pair of briefs is almost 5 years old, and still is in excellent condition. I believe this pair of briefs will last for the next two years so it will be 7 years or more. That’s an incredible result!

So, when you should expect when you’ll have to throw away your underwear? You should keep an eye on your underwear when they reach 12 months of constant use. If you don’t spot any signs of wear, you can still use them. If your boxers or briefs or any other type of underwear are not in good shape ie. they’ve got loose on your bum, they have unwashable stains, or don’t stay dry, please don’t wait and throw them away. 

I have covered literally all reasons why you should throw away underwear here.

Ok, now we know how long your underwear can last and how to spot the signs of wear. Now let’s talk about how to extend the lifespan of underwear.

If you want your boxers or briefs to last longer than usual, you should have enough pairs of undies in your drawer to alternate between them. How many pairs of underwear you should have? From my personal experience, I know that the best amount of underwear in a drawer is between 14 and 21 pairs.

To keep every pair in good condition you have to take care of them in a proper way, so I learned that a small number of undies may lead to issues in the availability of fresh pairs to wear. In another hand possessing too many pairs might lead to not using some of them, and often selecting your favorites. 

Depending on how often you wash your underwear, same as clothes, and how often you are changing them may impact the lifespan of your underwear. For example, you may very active person and you have to change your underwear twice a day, but when it comes to washing you set a washing machine every Friday afternoon, so you have to have at least 14 pairs of underwear just for one full week plus you have to have something extra just in case.

Another thing is proper care of men’s underwear. Not everyone can say that are taking care of their underwear properly. I think most guys are just washing underwear in some general program in the washing machine and that’s it. Unfortunately, that’s the biggest mistake you can make! Underwear needs special care, so you should care for your undies with attention. I have already written an article; How to extend the lifespan of Men’s Underwear. I promise you that you will find there helpful advice and simple answers on how to care for your undies. 


Men’s Underwear can last for a long time, but the final lifespan may be different for various reasons. Your undies may be uncomfortable, so you will have to bin them quite fast, your undies may be damaged or have some unwashable stains that disqualify them from further use. There are many reasons why some pairs of underwear may last longer than others, but the biggest takeaway from this article for you is that you have your personal impact on this result, and on daily basis, you can extend the lifespan of your underwear to the possible limit.